Property News

New development properties come with the risk of having a few issues. If you’ve just bought a new development property or thinking about buying one, remember to think look out for and report any snags that you see as soon as possible. From cracks, and leaks to incorrect fittings and problematic electricals, identify snags as soon as you can to have them corrected quickly.

Expected house prices when switching KZN for Sandton

If opportunity has come knocking at your front door and you’ve decided to list your property for sale in Estcourt to relocate to Sandton, then you need to be prepared for what is in store in the property market when arriving. This list will give you a good idea of the average house prices in Sandton.

Hilton represents the benefits of rural living

Among the best places to live for working families with school-age kids, small towns sometimes top the list. The pacing may be slower, but it can be more rewarding than living in a city suburb. Read our guide to Hilton and see what we mean.

Why estates are becoming so popular

Many people around KwaZulu-Natal have started looking for property for sale in estates when they decide to enter the market. This rise in popularity is largely down to the security benefits offered. We look at some of the best estates in the province and what these property options offer residents.