KZN: Anarchy reigns supreme in central Dundee

To describe Dundee as a war zone today would be an understatement, Northern Natal Courier reports.

The organisers of the mass protest are demanding that the COGTA MEC address them. It is also understood that they want Mayor Mbatha to step down.

VIDEO: Protesters riot outside Endumeni Municipality

The centre of town is a scene of chaos as street signs, litter, boards and bins are strewn about the road.


Protesters even pulled railway sleepers across the road. At one stage, a crowd descended upon the Pick ‘n Pay Centre and shoppers were kept inside the store until the crowd dispersed.


Tyres have also been set alight at numerous intersections and the field across the road from Jeff’s Service Station was set alight, prompting fears that the sparks may ignite a fuel tank.



Police reinforcements from neighbouring towns appear to be slightly overwhelmed, however, they have fired tear gas grenades and plastic bullets in a bid to quell the protest.

The owner of a security company reported that one of his vehicles was shot at at least twice, damaging the windscreen.



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