WATCH:Western Cape: Knysna fire victims express unhappiness over donated clothes

A shopping spree happened midday on Monday, 16 April, when the mountains of clothes, donated from all over South Africa, were given away, Knysana Plett Herald reports.

Doors were opened to the huge amount of clothes, which have been stored at Woodmill Walk since last year, and the centre was packed with shoppers.

While Fire Disaster’s Jill Morse said the clothes needed to go as they were not in perfect condition, fire victims at the scene were very unhappy that these donations were, “simply going without anybody even needing to prove they were ever fire victims.”

People could be seen leaving with huge black bags of clothes and they were jostling to get in first and take as much as possible.

To see what happened watch the video below of the unhappy scene that played out.

Watch a video below:


The mountains of clothing.

The centre was packed with shoppers.

The heaps of donations lying in the storage section of Woodmill Walk.

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