Dad kills child hostages aged one, six, 10 and 11, then turns gun on himself: VIDEO

Gary Lindsey
Gary Lindsey

A gunman who barricaded himself in an apartment in Orlando, Florida for almost 24 hours after taking four children hostage, shot dead all of them, then turned the gun on himself, before a SWAT team could rescue them.

The gunman was Gary Lindsey (35).

Two of  the the children were his own and two a girlfriend’s.  They were aged one, six, ten and eleven.

The standoff between the police and Lindsey started when they responded to a domestic violence report.

On arrival Lindsey opened fire on them on and one police officer,  Kevin Valencia was seriously injured. Though in a critical condition at a local hospital Valencia, who is in his late twenties,  is expected to survive, Police Chief John Mina said.

Lindsey’s girlfriend, who filed the  violence report, left the flat before the police arrived.

But Lindsey  barricaded himself in the flat using the four children as hostages.

Police attempted to negotiate with him but had difficulty because his phone was faulty. When they eventually decided to offer him a better phone they noted one of the children had already been shot so made the call to storm the apartment.

On entering they found the Lindsey had shot all four of the children before turning the gun on himself.

The gunman had an extensive criminal record involving arson, battery and theft the police confirmed.


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