Dead mom to give evidence at the trial of her alleged murderer

A US mother of two who died, two years after being doused with petrol by her boyfriend and set alight, will testify in her own murder trial in July after a landmark ruling that a videoed deposition she made from her hospital bed before her death is admissible evidence.

The attack by her partner Michael Slager (42) in August of 2015 at a petrol forecourt in Gahanna, Ohio left Judy Malinowski with third and fourth degree burns over 90% of her body.  She endured some 60 surgeries and never left the hospital before her death in June 2017 aged 32.

In 2016, before she died, Slager was convicted of aggravated arson and felonious assault and sentenced to 11 years in prison.

In the meantime, after  doctors warned  prosecutors Judy Malinowski was unlikely to survive the attack, the state arranged to video her testimony at her hospital bed.

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In her deposition Malinowski was under oath and cross-examined by Slager’s attorney.

After her death last year prosecutors charged Slager with aggravated murder.

At a preliminary hearing pending the murder trial in July Ohio Judge Guy Recce had to decide on Friday whether  Malinowski’s videoed testimony should be admissible.

“The state wanted to preserve her testimony due to her fragile medical condition,” he said.  “She was critically ill and the only witness who could testify about the events that transpired on the day of her injury.”

The defence argued there was no criminal precedent that allowed such testimony to be taken or introduced at a trial but  Judge Recce ruled otherwise meaning Judy Malinowski’s testimony will be heard in July.



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