Tuesday Life Hack: Cut down on waste in five easy steps

Our households generate a lot of waste over a period of time, the packaging of groceries we buy leave most of us with more trash than we need. What are the cheapest and simplest ways to curb this problem?

Step 1. Convert your bills/receipts into electronic statements

Most banks and stores allow you to receive electronic statements via email or SMS and this is an effective way to cut down on your paper waste. If you are not yet able to get access to your accounts or bills electronically, speak to your bank or store to set it up.


Step 2. Swop paper towels for cloth towels

While you can’t get rid of paper towels completely, there are certain functions around the house that cloth towels can fulfill. Instead of using paper towels to wipe your kitchen counters or use as napkins, try using cloth towels and you immediately cut down on paper waste. You can re-use your cloth towels after you’ve washed them and they generally last longer.


Step 3. Get used to using reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags

Plastic bags probably account for a big portion of the monthly waste around the house because they are so easy to accumulate. Why not opt for reusable plastic bags or cotton shopping bags when you do your grocery shopping? This way you can reuse them and they will save you the headache of storing millions of plastic bags.


Step 4. Store food in glass containers

Original packaging of groceries might seem like the most logical thing to use when storing your food but they take up more space than if you put all your food items in their respective containers that are marked. This will not only reduce the amount of waste in your house but also keep your cupboards organised.


Step 5. Buy bulk items if you can

It’s not always easy to buy in bulk because it generally costs more money in the short term but you actually save more in the long term. When you buy in bulk you use less packaging than you would when you buy smaller quantities more frequently so always keep that in mind the next time you go shopping. If you buy a lot of perishable items, you could freeze them to preserve them for longer and cut down on your waste.



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