Celebrate being single on Anti-Valentine’s or Singles Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day (SAD) or Anti-Valentine’s Day is a humorous day that provides single people with an alternative to Valentine’s Day on the 14th or 15th of February. Here are some suggestions.

Instead of red, sport green

Fashionable young man

Many people wear green, on Anti-Valentine’s Day as it is the complementary opposite of red. Another popular option is black as a statement of Anti-Valentine sentiments.

Go out with single friends

Friends Socializing at Outdoor Party

Make plans with your single friends to get out and do something fun.

Go for lunch with a good friend

Two women having lunch

Invite a friend or family member you love for lunch and tell them what they mean to you. If you go after Valentine’s Day, you’ll dodge the crowds.

If you prefer your own company have a spa day

Woman receiving massage

Pamper and indulge yourself. It will probably cost less than most couples spend on Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate will always be there for you

Chocolate Truffles at Arn Chocolate Shop

And after Valentine’s Day chocolate will be on sale. You can load up on chocolate for a whole lot less than those suckers in relationships. And you won’t have to share.

Pictures: Corbis

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