Valentine’s day do’s and don’ts for men and women

Valentine’s day is a special day which allows people to express love for one another. While there are no specific rules when it comes to how one expresses love to a loved one, there are certain do’s and don’ts worth taking into consideration.


Don’t buy kitchen appliances

Valentine’s day is supposed to be romantic and whatever you do should be nice, romantic and if possible out of the ordinary. Buying kitchen utensils is therefore not the best expression of romance.

Don’t forget

There are many people who don’t believe in Valentine’s day or even celebrate it, if you have a partner who celebrates Valentine’s day, forgetting and doing entirely nothing could be the easiest way to ruin your relationship.


Valentine’s is about love and romance. Therefore don’t take your loved one to that crowded restaurant with terrible food and service. If your lady has a favourite romantic restaurant, take her there or prepare a nice home cooked meal instead of being in a terrible venue.

Get creative

Invest your time, love and thought into your lady’s Valentine’s experience. Give a sensuous candlelit foot rub, massage, or body wash. Write your favourite, shared memories with coloured pens. Make a collage of your dream home, family, or past or future adventures together designed with photographs or magazine clippings. In other words, don’t be ordinary.




Having unrealistic expectations can ruin this beautiful day. Trust your man’s instincts and ability to treat you well on this day. Having unrealistic expectations which end up not being fulfilled by your man will make you wish the day away. So don’t have unrealistic expectations.


Don’t eat anything that could be even remotely upset your stomach. The temptation to look sophisticated especially with a new loved one is high, but think of the repercussions. Nothing as terrible as having a stomach bug on a Valentine’s dinner.


If you’re going out together, take the extra time to smarten up and look your best! Compliment your partner’s outfit. Don’t wear that over the top outfit with hearts all over the fabric.


On this day, shower your loved one with love and attention. Don’t waste your energy on insignificant matters and people drawing your attention. Make your partner feel special on this day. If you go for dinner, keep your phone away to avoid being distracted.

Guidelines listed above should see you having a memorable Valentine’s day.


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