Tuesday Life Hack: 4 cute Valentine’s Day cardboard paper hacks

Who said you have to spend a lot of money to make someone feel special on Valentine’s Day? There are plenty of things you can do that will let your loved one know just how you feel about them.

Here are some simple but effective ideas you could try:

1. Post-it heart

Buy a pack of post-its and write down the reasons why you love your special person. Find a wall to stick them on around your house. Arrange all the notes in a heart shape and watch your loved one glow when they see it.


2. A pot plant of love

Get a pack of cardboard paper that has different patterns and colours. Trace different heart shapes on the paper and then cut them out with scissors. Get some super glue and stick the hearts on some twigs you can stick into the soil of the plant. Tie a ribbon around the pot plant and place it where your loved one can see it.


3. A mug full of heart

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make a large impact. Why not make your loved one coffee or tea in a special cup? All you’ll need is a plain mug and some oil based paint pens. Use the mug handle as one half of a heart and draw the other half on the mug. You can use any colour or pattern or perhaps write a simple message inside the heart.


4. Make a love chandelier

All you need is string, glue, prestik and cardboard paper. Make cut outs of hearts on cardboard paper, you can write little notes on the hearts. Glue the hearts onto a string in a line and using prestik, attach the strings to the ceiling to create a chandelier effect.

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