How to save money on back -to-school supplies

Back -to- school season is an exciting time. For children, it’s looking forward to all the fun they have missed at school and advancing in their studies. For parents and guardians, it’s time to go through the stores to buy and tick off that school supplies list. While this purchasing exercise takes a strain on many parents and guardians finances, there are ways in which this drain on finances can be minimised.

How to save on back -to- school supplies


It is important to buy at the right time. Buying too early may just allow children to use materials even before school starts. Waiting too long also means potentially missing out on the best bargains. Striking a balance between too early and too late is therefore the way to go.

Shop around

Different stores will always have different prices for the same products. Checking sales brochures and cherry picking the best buys from each store will save you lots of money. Alternatively, you can shop at a store that offers price matching, and you won’t have to burn up more fuel to get good deals at other stores.

Buy quality

Cheap products can be expensive in the long run. Spend some time looking at how things are made, and choose the products that look like they’re going to last. Go for the backpack with a longer warranty, choose the spiral notebooks with the durable plastic covers. You may spend more now, but if you don’t have to buy replacements later, you would have saved lots of money.

Give children a budget

Children will try as much as possible to avoid reusing last year’s school supplies and will never miss a chance to buy a new fancy school item. If this attitude is hampering your efforts to save, give children a budget estimate. Tell them that you will spend a certain amount on an item, if they want an upgrade they’ll need to chip in (either with money they’ve saved or by doing extra chores.) Or perhaps let kids choose which items to reuse and which ones to buy new.

Use cash instead of credit cards

Use cash instead of credit cards to pay for school supplies. Paying for supplies with cash allows you to keep an eye on your funds and to stay within your budget. As you do the shopping, focus on the most essential items. If need for more supplies arises once school starts, prioritise those items and shop accordingly, using cash and staying within your budget.

Tips and guidelines listed above,if well utilised, will save you good amounts of money.


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