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Brexit trigger: Key reactions

Here are key reactions and commentary on Britain’s triggering Wednesday of two years of negotiations to leave the European Union:

Daimler hits accelerator on electric car plans

Daimler, the world’s biggest luxury carmaker, said Wednesday it will speed up development of electric vehicles, aiming for 10 new models within five years rather than eight.

UK civil servants steel for ‘humongous’ Brexit

Toiling away in the background on a shoestring budget, some 300 civil servants in a hastily assembled new department are scrambling to deal with Brexit, the biggest administrative challenge in Britain’s post-war history.

Next steps after Brexit trigger

British Prime Minister Theresa triggered Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty on Wednesday, starting a difficult two-year Brexit negotiation process.

Brexit: The end of a loveless marriage

Britain’s relationship with the European Union was always an awkward marriage of convenience rather than a case of love at first sight.

Evacuation deal reached for four Syrian towns

Four Syrian towns are to be evacuated under an agreement between pro-government forces and rebels, in the latest of a series of deals to end crippling years-long sieges.

China calls on US to honour climate commitments

China on Wednesday called on the US to honour its commitments to tackle climate change, after President Donald Trump moved to roll back American emissions targets set by his predecessor Barack Obama.